1. Q: How is payment done?
    A: Payment can be done a few ways, with Personal Check, Money Order for the amount & return shipping or can be done by Credit Card (Visa, Master Charge, or Discover) we always like to settle up payment on charge cards the night before we ship back. This way when we call for payment we will give you the tracking number, time & date of your package arrival, then the credit card info can be exchanged.
  2. Q: Is this the same process used by the firearm companies?
    A: Yes, we use the exact process. (Water transfer printing, Hydro Graphic Printing, Immersion Printing, Cubic Printing, Hydro Imaging and After-Market Dipping)
  3. Q: Can you do wood stocks?
    A: Yes, this process can be used on any item that is 3D in a solid form.
  4. Q: Can you do stainless steel barrels and receivers?
    A: Yes we can, we use a special primer for that application.
  5. Q: Is the finished product durable?
    A: Yes. All materials that we use: catalyzed 2 stage high performance coatings.
  6. Q: On scopes, what do you mean by "Owners Risk" and what is the success rate of a scope making it thru the process?
    A: Owners risk means we are not responsible for replacing your scope if the scope fogs up, meaning that it does not make it thru the process. The dip is not what harms the scope, it is the rinsing process. Our success rate on scopes are 95% making it thru the process. The ones that usually don't make it thru the process are the less expensive types rifle scopes and red dots. We do not do any AO adjustment style scopes. All the newer style triple turret scopes make it thru the process just fine.
  7. Q: Is there maintenance on the firearm or archery equipment?
    A: No, Just a damp clean cloth only, you still need to maintain the interior of your firearm.
  8. Q. Can you dip previously dipped guns that are factory or aftermarket dipped?
    A. Yes
  9. FACT: Any business conducting firearm coatings, engraving or exterior alterations to receiver "MUST" have FFL 01, 03,or 07 classification. Any business conducting this type of service without an FFL is illegal.
    ATF Rut. 2009-1
    U.S. Department of Justice
    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
    Any person who is engaged in the business of camouflaging or engraving firearms as described in this ruling must be licensed as a dealer, which includes a gunsmith, under the Gun Control Act. Performing a cosmetic process or activity, such as camouflaging, that primarily adds to or changes the appearance or decoration of a firearm is not manufacturing. Unlike manufacturing processes that primarily enhance a firearm's durability, camouflaging is primarily cosmetic. Likewise, external engravings are cosmetic in nature and primarily affect only the appearance of a firearm.
    Held, any person who engages in an activity or process that primarily adds to or changes a firearm's appearance by camouflaging the firearm by painting, dipping, or applying tape does not need to be licensed as a manufacturer under the Gun Control Act.
  10. Q. Can you dip "Do-It-Yourself" spray camo guns?
    A. Yes we totally remove the spray can finish.
  11. Q: What is the turn around time to get my item back?
    A: Since we are one of the more popular shops out there, please call for turn around time.
  12. Q: How should I ship my product to you?
    A: We suggest that you use UPS, FEDEX or U.S. Mail. If you use UPS please take to a Direct UPS station, not a satellite such as Radio Shack. We suggest that you follow the shipping instructions on our web site.
  13. Q: Is the shop you are looking for to do the work on your item a "full time" working shop holding a Federal Tax ID Number? Is the shop fully insured (commercial) fire, theft & liability? Will your items be secured & locked up before & after the process, in gun safes or a secured area? Does the shop have security alarm system, security gates & bars on the windows? Does the shop hold a FFL? Is the shop well trained, certified schooled processor in water transfer printing?
    A: Yes, we are all of the above. Whether you decide to use us "Camo Solutions" or another processor the questions above are for YOU to carefully consider.
  14. Q: What about Accurized Stocks (bedding compound or pillar systems)?
    A: Yes we do, we protect those areas from the process.
  15. Q: Do you anthing else besides hunting type equipment?
    A: We only specialize in firearms. Example of items we don't do: sunglasses, wedding rings, cell phone covers, ceiling fans, toe or belly button rings, or any household items, automotive, ATV, bicycles etc.
  16. Q: Are special orders available.
    A: Yes. The smallest order we can place is 3 meters, the smallest amount we can order for base colors is 1 quart, plus the shipping, (cost of the 3 meters of film, shipping and the quart of base color is absorbed by the customer). Plus this is in addition of the item being processed.
  17. Q: Can you process your finish on NFA Firearms? (full auto, SBR's, SBS's & Suppressors)
    A: yes we can work on NFA Firearms, for the sole purpose of repair and subsequent return to its owner. It is suggested that the owner obtain permission from ATF for the transfer by completing and mailing ATF Form 5 (5320.5) to the NFA Branch and receive approval prior to the delivery. The gunsmith should do the same prior to returning the firearm. Only the face of the form needs to be completed in each instance. ATF Forms 5 may be obtained from the Bureau of ATF, NFA Branch. ATF Form 5 is also available on the internet at www.atf.gov

Prostaff: Keith Edwards

My name is Keith Edwards. I am a firefighter for the city of Oxford in Mississippi. From the time I began hunting as a child I've had a passion for the outdoors and I love introducing others to hunting. Every year, I look forward to turkey and deer seasons and fellowship with other hunters. When I’m not in the woods or serving as a first responder, I’m spending time with my wife, daughter and my English Mastiff. Most of all, I’m thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ for his love and mercy and all of the opportunities He has given me. I am currently on the Mossy Oak Pro Staff and I am thrilled to be part of Camo Solutions.

Prostaff: Roger Petty

Howdy! My name is Roger Petty and I live in McDonough, Ga. I am a self-taught hunter that started at an early age. I am an avid turkey hunter that travels to several states each year in pursuit of the elusive gobbler. My goal each and every year is to get a child or newbie involved in the outdoors, whether it’s turkey hunting, deer hunting, or hawg hunting, it warms my heart with hopes that they will get the “hunting bug” like I did so many years ago. I worked for a television hunting show for several years and still film several of my hunts each year. I am a Prostaffer for the best camouflage company on the market, Mossy Oak and also a Prostaffer for Legacy Premium Game Calls. It is an honor to be part of Camo Solutions, they keep my weapons concealed and protected while out in the field.

Prostaff: Scott Sharp

Scott Sharp lives in Lebanon Tennessee with his wife and 3 sons. He has been a self-employed auto dealer for 32 years. He is currently on the Mossy Oak Pro Staff, Black Eagle Arrows Field staff and Hilljackedky Pro Staff. He enjoys hunting Whitetail deer and Spring turkey and Bass fishing. He is excited to be part of the Camo Solutions team.

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