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KG Industries, LLC has been proudly manufacturing and formulating Gun Kote and its other protective finishes for over 60 years. Gun Kote was the first firearm coating formulated to surpass military weapons finish specifications put out by the Naval Surface Warfare Center and the US Navy S.E.A.L’S.

2400 Series Gun Kote: Military/Décor Colors/Matte Finish

The 2400 Series Gun Kote is our standard Gun Kote line with a large variety of colors.

It is a balanced formulation of our proprietary ingredients allowing for a self lubricating, highly corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistant coating. It is a perfect all around finish, fitting for the most extreme environments.

2500 Series Gun Kote: Metalic Colors/Matte Finish

The 2500 Series Gun Kote is our metallic line. The pigments used in this line allow for some of the most stunning colors available. The aluminized pigments allow for high wear and tear, heat dissipation and corrosion control.

NaNo Series Gun Kote: Military Colors Only

The NaNo Series, is one of the strongest coatings produced. It is a hybrid coating taking NaNo particle technology and blending it with micron and submicron ceramics and lubricants to create a tight particle matrix that allows for an extremely corrosion, chemical, abrasion, and scratch resistant coating. The NaNo Series will protect your weapon system from the harshest environments. This system is highly advanced and provides for a silky smooth, flat finish. Best used in any environment.

Performance Coating

This coating is a solid film lubricant, also known as a dry film lubricant & meets & exceeds military specifications noted in (Mil-L-4601 Dry Film Lube). This finish will provide a thin/lubricating film that will reduce friction which enhances the weapon system to cycle smoother, prevent galling and seizing, aid in heat dissipation, will protect base metal from corrosion, resist carbon to attach & build up on the part.

The primary solid used for lubrication is Molybdenum Disulfide known to withstand pressures in excess of 400,000 PSI. This product can be used on internal gun parts as of bolt assemblies, the interior of receivers, and many other mechanical interior gun parts. This coating is perfect on the following parts: muzzleloader's breech plug/nipple, in-line hammer for muzzleloaders. This eliminates carbon build up on the interior of the breech plug, flash hole, nipple & threads and prevents corrosion & pitting that comes from black powder & the black powder substitute powders. Other parts suitable for this performance coating is; recoil spring plunger, action bar assembly, action spring follower, firing pin assemblies, AR rifle bolt assemblies. Were movement is often & subject to powder residue build up. Color; Gray & Black

The cured coating will not attract dirt or dust.

Gun Kote is a thin hard coating that will give excellent protection from abrasion, can be used on both internal and external parts where a close-tolerance fit is required without having to worry about hindering the performance of your weapon.

Camo Solutions offers the customer a multitude of options to mix Camo Dipping with Gun Kote.

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