Sur-Grip is a textured two component catalyzed Kevlar Urethane coating that can be applied to aluminum, wood, composite and fiberglass stocks. This product builds a hard surface non slip texture to your rifle stock or grips. We apply this coating by spray gun application. We offer 3 levels of textures: orange peel, medium & heavy non slip texture that is extremely durable, impact, scratch and chemical resistant. This coating is not a epoxy based filler that is dabbed or modeled with a tongue depressor or popsicle stick to achieve the desired textured finish. Sur-Grip texture is based on air pressure which gives ultimate texture surface along with aesthetically nice appearance.

Orange Peel, Example 1 Orange Peel, Example 2
Orange Peel, Example 3 Orange Peel, Example 4

Sur-Grip is the perfect texture grip coating for forearm areas of the stocks, grip areas of rifle stocks, hand grips for handguns, AR rifle hand grips, to tactical vertical grips & aluminum tube cylinder AR hand guards, where a textured non slip grip is needed. We can top coat Sur-Grip with solid color air cured moly coatings or with our hydrographic camo printing application. The textured coating is originally satin black in color (seen on first photo).